My year of buying less

I feel like this experiment is almost a little cliche since I've heard so many people talk about it and write about it over the past few years. Nevertheless I decided to try it this year and make a few simple rules for myself.

My goal - Buy less stuff, of course. At the top of my list is clothing, after reading about the world of fast fashion I have decided that I want my wardrobe choices to be intentional and not a mindless stream of purchasing Target t-shirts. 

My rules:

-No new clothing for myself - I can purchase fabric and sewing patterns to make my own clothes and I can purchase clothing second hand.

-No new jewelry, purses, shoes or accessories - Same rules as above

-Kids clothes - I am lucky to receive a lot of hand me downs from friends and family so, even with three kids, this category doesn't usually include a lot of spending on my part. When I do purchase clothes I get almost everything at second hand stores with the exception of a new pair of sneakers and new leggings at the beginning of the school year. Those two items don't really make it to the hand me down stage so we usually buy new. 

-I can buy gifts for people and craft/sewing supplies. 

I know I won't be perfect, there are sure to be a few circumstances where I need something last minute or have a special event pop up. Even if I'm not perfect, I can easily make a dent in my disposable wardrobe and become more intentional when I buy.