Hi, my name is Mallory. I live in central Ohio with my three kids and my awesome husband. This will be the third time I’ve started a blog, but this time it’s going to work (technically it will be me that’s working but it’s actually going to happen this time).

I learned how to sew when I was about 6 from my mom who was an extremely talented quilter and all around crafty genius. Sewing was always around our house and I played around with it here and there but I didn’t sew seriously until I graduated from college and received a new sewing machine for graduation. That’s when I started working in the fabric industry and truly discovered my passion for sewing, crafting and most importantly - Fabric! I’ve worked in the fabric industry for about 10 years while holding down a few other jobs and selling my products at craft shows in Ohio. I’ve had a passion to “do my own thing” for years now and I know if I don’t start somewhere it will never happen. Surprisingly, nobody has offered me an already built handmade business with sales, customers and a blog - so I guess I’ll be building it myself.

My main job is being a mom to my two most favorite girls and one awesome son. I love being a mom, watching my kids grow up and encouraging them in their everyday adventures. I also have an amazingly supportive husband who has told me countless time that I have the talent and knowledge to get my business going, so hopefully he’s right.

I learned a lot about sewing from my mom over the years but I am mostly self-taught. I think the most important thing my mom gave me was the confidence to say “I can make that” and believe it. I love learning new techniques and playing around with new crafts, I’m a Pinterest and Instagram addict but I consider it part of my continuing education so I don’t need an intervention… yet.

Other fun facts - my favorite color is yellow, I love doing puzzles, I think Tiny Homes are so fun and I want one to be my studio, I love doughnuts,  I have a BA in Anthropology and I love Mayan archaeology - I’ve been to about 12 different sites throughout Central America. Did I mention that I love doughnuts? I also love cookies and goldfish crackers and most other sugary treats.

I’m still new at this blogging and selling business so I hope you’ll come along for the ride. I would love to get to know you and find my tribe in the land of crafty ladies online, if you are one of those ladies I think we should be friends on Instagram and maybe even friends in real life someday. And in a few years when I’m famous and BFF with Martha Stewart you can say that you knew me when I first started.  

Thanks for stopping by!


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