32 before 32 - Projects 9 - 12

More DIY fun...

Project #9 - I love my family photo albums so much. I'm not a professional photographer or an amazing graphic designer so my albums are very simple and not fancy at tall. But I have a record of each year and I really appreciate having these around and Lucy loves looking through them too. This was my forth book including a wedding book and I hope to go back and do a few pre-kid books too. Check out my Instagram to see a short flip through the book!

Project #10 - A super easy bow for Lucy. She doesn't usually like me to put her hair up but having a pretty bow helps persuade her to let me do something fancy. There are dozens of simple bow tutorials all over pinterest, I used this one from Craftaholics Anonymous

Project #11 - Another easy bow, this one was no-sew. I don't think I really followed a tutorial for this one but I was inspired by a lot of the bows all over pinterest. I just cut a circle of felt and then started glueing rick rack in a circle and then I glued on a vintage button and a clip on the back - easy peasy! This tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat is similar, she sewed the rick rac, I just glued it.

Project #12 - Quilts - I could go on an on about how special quilts are to me, especially baby quilts. Basically, my mom was an amazing quilter and she always made quilts for people for special occasions - going to college, getting married, new babies. She passed away a few years ago and I've since made a few very special baby quilts for a few special babies that have come into my life. This was made for my best friend from high school as she welcomed her first daughter. I loved the colors she picked for the nursery, who doesn't need a little gold polka dot and a few elephants in their lives? I used this free tutorial from Sing All You Want.