32 before 32 - Projects 25 - 28

More DIY because I want to.

Project #25 - A super easy crochet bracelet, I had to re-teach myself crochet for this one - thanks YouTube! This took about ten minutes once I remembered crochet and then about 2 minutes to sew on the button. I had all the supplies on hand so this was another quick and easy project. Here is the video I used from Craftaholics Anonymous. Also, this book is so good!

Project #26 - The cutest bucket hat and you can get the pattern for free from one of my favorites Oliver + S!

Project #27 - This project was supposed to be for Ayla since so many of my crafts are for Lucy. But I think Lucy liked it more, Ayla wanted a snack. 

Project #28 - I made something for myself! I don't make a lot of garments because you have to be pretty exact and follow patterns, I would rather just do a little improv crafting where I don't have to be so serious. So this project was a good mix, I didn't follow a specific tutorial but Pinterest is full of great t-shirt re-fashions. Amy Butler fabric is my favorite!