32 before 32 - Projects 17 - 20

And a few more projects...

Project #17 - The water blob, you can't get more exciting than that. We had a little incident with a runaway water blob on vacation. When the tutorials say to make sure your blob is on very flat ground - they are not lying! We had a very slight hill and after about 10 minutes of water flowing into the blob the entire thing rolled down a hill and we had to start all over. It was pretty amusing and the kids had a great time once we had it set up.

Project #18 - Decoupage is awesome, this is another inspiration that came from a photo I saw on Instagram months ago. I covered one of my craft tables in old pattern tissue and I love it. I bought a pattern from the thrift store for 50 cents and got my decoupage on one night. I was pretty quick and easy but you have to be careful not to tear the paper since it's so thin. I love the look of this - more improvisational crafting for the win! Side note - isn't my fat quarter shelf amazing? My husband custom built it for me and I love it oh so much.

Project #19 - Aaand more decoupage. A fun poster, a blank table in the kid's playroom - a match made in crafty heaven. I trimmed down the poster to fit the table and then did a quick coat of Mod Podge on the top and bottom. It was so quick I was done before Ayla had the chance to stick her hands in it!

Project #20 - I love sunflowers and although I've tried numerous times to grow them I have never succeed. Until this year when I took the time to start seeds in a tray, water them, transfer them to the ground, continue to water them, weed a little and continue to water them. It's surprising how much bette plants do when they have water. Apparently I bought the smallest sunflower seeds available because these were tiny BUT I grew flowers! Next year I will buy the big ones. Another side note - I shot this with an iPhone by making my own little macro lens from an old disposable camera - so much fun.