32 before 32 - Projects 13 - 16

Even more DIY!!

Project #13 - Lucy would say "I picked out the fabric and the pompoms so I designed it, but my mom made it." She was pretty excited to pick everything out after I saw a similar skirt on Instagram. I keep telling her she can be an artist when she grows up and she says "mom, I already am an artist!" 

Project #14 - The easiest dress, especially since I don't like doing sleeves. T-shirt and fabric, you can't get much easier than that. I didn't really follow much of a tutorial for this, I usually just make it up as I go along. I like to call it improvisational crafting - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This time was a success, you can find a tutorial for a similar dress from The Best Dress Ever. And how about the posing - she's getting pretty good.

Project #15 - We had almost our entire house repainted after some crazy water damage from the snow this year. So, after over a year in our house I finally hung up some photos in the dining room. I love gallery walls so I had a great time setting this up. Make sure you plan before you start putting holes in your walls! I used the paper stencil method like Young House Love except I used mostly command strips so we don't have tons of holes when we sell the house some day. 

Project #16 - This girl LOVED making a fairy garden. Well, she loved picking out the fairies and the furniture - not so much the actual dirt involved. I planted the garden, she plays with the fairies.